Saturday, October 3, 2015

The (real) Last of the Red Hot Tomatoes. Plus a few green ones, too!

Okay, so the tomato-fest continues!  Since indeterminate tomato varieties will just keep on producing until frost kills them, I made an executive decision to finally pull all the tomato plants from the garden.  Actually, my cousin Lynn helped make the decision for me by offering to help not only pull the plants and harvest the remaining tomatoes, but also help me can some of them!

So, today was the day.  I decided to use up the very last of the ripe tomatoes to make another batch of Marisa's fabulous honey-sweetened tomato jam from Food in Jars.  Tweaked it again by adding a teaspoon of sweet smoked paprika, but didn't cook it down quite a much as the first batch, so it's a little more softly set.

And, we attacked some of the green tomatoes, making a batch of this Green Tomato Chutney, also from Food in Jars.

The aftermath!

Overall, an enjoyable, productive and tasty day!

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