Friday, October 2, 2015

Pantry in Action: Friday Night Pizza

The "Pantry in Action" series shows creative ways of using all the wonderful food we've preserved during the year.   I will include recipes wherever appropriate with links back to the post(s) where a particular ingredient (or ingredients) was canned.

This first post of the series describes what I've come to call "Friday Night Pizza".  It originated with my friend and former co-worker, Nancy, who once did a stint with WeightWatchers and found this in one of their recipe books.  Nancy and I used to get together on Friday nights fairly regularly to decompress (i.e. bitch about work), drink wine and often make these pizzas, not always strictly adhering to the WeightWatchers guidelines mind you.  We just lifted the basic idea from WeightWatchers.

Somehow, we got out of the habit over the years and "Friday Night Pizza" sort of fell by the wayside.  When I went looking for things to make with my bumper crop of tomatoes and came across this recipe for pizza sauce, I thought why not bring back "Friday Night Pizza"?   Decompressing with friends or no, these are quicker and way cheaper than delivery pizza, endlessly customizable and oh-so-easy.  Not to mention delicious!

If you keep a bag of pitas, some shredded cheese (or save even more money and shred it yourself!), a jar of your own homemade pizza sauce, and other toppings (sliced mushrooms, pepperoni, etc.) ready in the fridge, a "Friday Night Pizza" is just 20 minutes away!

Simple pepperoni pizzas for two.

Into a 400°F oven for 20 minutes and...

... voilĂ !

Add a nice glass of wine and your Friday night is complete!  Enjoy!

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