Saturday, February 20, 2016

When life gives you sauerkraut, make a Reuben sandwich!

One of the wonder foods of the GAPS diet is sauerkraut and in the early stages you are supposed to have a teaspoon of the sauerkraut juice once a day to give yourself a probiotic boost. So, before I started the first stage of the introduction diet, I dutifully made a batch of home-fermented sauerkraut.  Unfortunately, there wasn't a lot of juice created in the process, so I made a second batch and then a third. I never did get enough sauerkraut juice to take regularly and I ended up relying on kefir and probiotic yogourt instead. 

However, I have been eating the sauerkraut occasionally, and although it's tasty it's just not something I fancy very often. Which means I still have 2 full quart jars of it in the fridge and part of a third jar left.  So, for lunch today, I decided to treat myself to something I haven't had in years: a Reuben!  The thought struck me yesterday, so I had time to pick up the fixings while I was grocery shopping.  A nice rye bread, some good corned beef and some sliced Swiss cheese.

Encouraged by the non-reaction I had to the English muffins and cheese in the Tim Horton's breakfast sandwiches from last week, I decided a Reuben might not go down so bad either.  Try it and see.  That's my motto now.

Anyway, since I wasn't exactly sure if there was anything else that went into a Reuben, I consulted Mr. Google and found this great recipe on I didn't follow it exactly (as usual!), but instead used it as a guide.  The Russian dressing was the secret ingredient that put it over the top.

Another kitchen classic: my mother's sandwich grill. This little workhorse is over 50 years old!
As a bonus, I got to break out my beloved sandwich grill.  I grew up with this baby and I remember coming home from grade school for lunch and often having tomato soup with grilled cheese sandwiches made on this grill. And this was years before anyone had ever heard of panini presses!  I inherited it from Mum years ago and I still love using it. It still works great!

First, make the Russian dressing. The recipe calls for mayonnaise, but I was out so I substituted plain yogourt.  That and ketchup, horseradish and worcestershire sauce and you have Russian dressing which lends a certain je ne sais quoi to the sandwich.

That's one hefty sandwich!

Five minutes or so in the grill.  Pressing down gently to compress and let everything heat through and melt together.

And there it is!  Total toasty, melty yumminess!  Add a cup of mint tea and lunch is served!

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